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    Dragon Nest is a MMORPG game-to-play based on the fantasy that is available for download online. Although the game specify that you only need a minimum of 512 MB of RAM to play the game, you should have at least 1 GB of RAM or older to play the game without problems. This is because the game was released in 2010 and only once you see the stunning images, you'll know why you need a decent computer to run smoothly.

    As mentioned, Dragon Nest is visually stunning. It looks like a graphics engine of World of Warcraft. They are bright and colorful like most other games developed in Japan and Korea. This is something I really admire other MMORPG games can be boring when set in dark areas such as caves and dungeons.

    As for the character model designs, the main characters who are looking for a small and cute. They are little characters looking like elves and four of them to choose at the beginning of the game. Depending on your personal preferences when it comes to the fight can choose to be a warrior, archer, sorcerer or a cleric. To move forward in Dragon Nest, which are at one of the four classes you have chosen to become an expert in that type of combat that initially specialized in.

    Yout character Once created, you are all good to go. As mentioned, the Dragon's Nest is a very new game, so it's worth checking the specifications of your computer first if you want to download it. There is an option to play the game with very low settings, but the game in a higher value gives the best results.

    In terms of game Dragon Nest, is unlike most other RPG MMOs on the market right now. You do not control the character with the mouse as computer keyboards can be used instead. Not only that, but combat in the game is quick, fast and very smooth. If you've ever played hack-n-slash titles such as God of War or Devil May Cry games, you understand the type of good game that is offered here in the Dragon's Nest. It is very refreshing considering many MMORPGs offer Clucky combat controls when using the mouse instead of keyboard ...

    Like most other games of its kind, has the option to follow all the main story missions, or you can choose to do side missions are also available. There are a number of different enemies in the game ranging from small bats, spiders, even the orcs and ogres. Fans of Lord of the Rings will feel at home with the game design Dragon Nest.

    There are cities you can visit in the game too. This is where you can buy and upgrade your weapons and armor. Many of the NPCs hanging around the cities so worth visiting from time to time, and they can offer new missions for you to do.

    Dragon Nest is a very nice MMORPG. The combat system is what sets it apart from many other games in the genre. Although it is free to play and download, just make sure you have a computer powerful enough to run it. The game was released in most countries in 2010 so expect the specifications of the PC to be higher than usual.

    Seek the help of powerful dragon to defeat an evil witch and save his kingdom in the Guardian Dragon! Help the dragons raise their young in order to gain their trust and get them powerful magic items. The care of dragons and help feed and protect them from unpleasant adventure. Effectively manage the dragon gems and creating a generation well defended give money in this game of time management fun!

    Guardian Dragon is a time management game in the style of management games farm / garden as The Fifth Gate. However, instead of running a farm full of corn, ducks and pigs, you get to handle a dragon's lair! And it's not unpleasant-looking fire-breathing dragons or evil. You will be careful and watch cute baby dragons grow as protect them from nasty invaders are adventurers and treasure hunt.

    You're a handsome prince, and the game begins when you are about to marry his beloved princess. However, an evil witch cast into the wedding and a curse. Your princess turned to stone, the party attendees are trapped in the castle, and was banished from the kingdom. Desperate for help, you go to the mountain to search for the powerful dragons, hoping that it will be able to offer magical weapons to fight the witch. They agree, but there's a catch: you have to take care of their children!

    The way the game levels work is a bit different from other time management games. Instead of missions each day / level, Dragon Keeper has a variety of missions for each chapter, and you can take as many days as you want to achieve those goals. However, it is necessary for their achievement in a given time in order to achieve the level of experts. In this sense, the game is free, allowing you to choose how you want to play, either to spend the first days of creation of a strong economy before attempting to complete missions.

    It begins with a baby red dragon (which hatch the eggs hitting with a hammer), and you have to eat when hungry. When you're happy and well fed, which produces gems (which is rare, but definitely better than other types of bodily wastes!) These jewels are the backbone of the economy of the game, and when collected is used to generate cash which in turn is used to buy more dragons, creatures, and various other improvements. Dragons are divided into different colors, each color is capable of producing three different quality gems as the age of dragons. So a red dragon will be able to produce three different cuts of rubies.

    At the end of each day, collect the gems that can be converted into jewelry. The display of jewelry stones can convert various rings, necklaces and crowns, each requires a different combination of gems. Jewelry can be sold for more than what would result if the jewelry had been sold individually. A fun addition is that each day can have a "deal of the day" such as bonus cash for each necklace to make, or cash bonus for each use emerald.

    You can not only collect gems waiting for a combination of well-paid gems though. It is not the cost of running the replacement of its food supply. His chest gem also have limited space and will not be able to collect more jewels, once it is full. Fortunately, you can buy more boxes with the money you earn. You can also buy more dragon eggs and several racks meat to feed their growing menagerie. But space is limited, and will also have to hire elves to clean up the rubble to make more space.

    There is also the problem of intruders. Random adventurers are trying to steal her jewelry or attack their baby dragons. You can just attack yourself, or hire trolls to help beat these intruders annoying. Defeating these adventurers will provide you with the loot can be sold as well as a special essence. If used during the day, these essences can be used to zap other adventurers. If collected, but can be used to improve their den, devils creation more efficient, more nutritious food and other effects that increase their efficiency.

    The game is refreshing and more open than usual, allowing you to choose how to play the game. If you are good at clicking things fast (ie, collect the gems, food and fighting dragons adventure), you could fill your den with a large number of nests of dragons and elves to create more space. However, if you prefer a more slow and more strategically, you can hire more trolls to do the fighting for you and invest in better nutrition which requires less power. It all depends on you, as long as the end to complete the missions.

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