Beyonce Popular R & B Stars and Fashion

    Beyonce, popularly known as Beyonce Knowles is one of the most popular R & B stars of the times today. It is also a very famous artist, a fashion designer and actress. She was born and raised in the city of Houston in Texas and rose to fame in the early 1990s. During this period, Beyonce was one of the child pop singers known group destination. Later in 2000, Beyoncé went solo with his career.

    Popular information on Beyonce Knowles - known as a singer

    While Beyoncé Knowles became famous as the singer of Destiny's Child, the release of their first album, "Dangerously in Love" in 2003 led to unparalleled heights of several musicians in the history of American music. Some of the most popular hits on this album include Baby Boy and Crazy in Love. The album earned him the record of winning five Grammys in one sitting. Their second album, B'Day, which was released in 2006 brought an even greater success than the first album did. The most exciting track on this album was Beautiful Liar, which appears at the top of the Billboard countdown in 2006. To date, Beyonce Knowles has received the highest number sixteen Grammy awards as a solo artist and a member of Destiny's Child famous pop group.

    Fame as an actress

    Beyonce singing sensation has also achieved fame as an actress. His passion for acting came first when he enrolled in a musical with the name of Carmen in 2001. From then appeared in several major Hollywood blockbusters like Cadilliac records and Dreamgirls. His role in the movie Dreamgirls led to his being nominated for two Golden Globes

    The fame in other areas

    In 2004, Beyonce Knowles made his foray into the world of fashion. He opened a fashion line called House of Dereon with her mother. She has supported some well known fashion brands such as Armani, L'Oreal, Tommy Hilfiger and Pepsi. In 2010, Beyoncé appears in the list of world's most powerful celebrity by Forbes made. She ranked second on this list. She ranked first in the list of the most influential musicians in the world, also prepared by Forbes in 2010.

    So Beyoncé is actually one of the most sensational celebrity in the world today. Their unprecedented success is unmatched by any other female music icon of this era. Long may reign.

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Beyonce Popular R & B Stars and Fashion

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